Last Update - Jun 16, 2009

The primary architect of 1702.org is a SHeL named Randall Wilson. Born March 4th 2989 Gregorian, first decanted* in May of 3004, he is the product of extreme circumstances. As a member of a radical anti time travel sect he became the unfortunate victim of a plot gone awry. Found wandering the downtown streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma (1973 Gregorian) he was eventually adopted by a nice local couple who kept him under heavy sedation until he was able to cope with his new surroundings. He refuses to describe the future because he says he "finds it difficult to talk about the past", but he does whine a lot about having to "take the long way back".

SHeL Wilson experiences great frustration with the "slow ass hardware" of our century. He is also engaged in a digital media archive project of all "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" episodes because they just didn't make it to the 29th century. Give him the chance and he will gladly describe the evils of time travel to anybody too polite to ask him to shut up. Usually these rants tend to focus on the Microsoft corporation, whom he labels "the lackeys of the futurians."

SHeL Wilson is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

{*Ancillary data: Synthetic Human Lifeforms [SHL aka SHelLs]
The technique of uploading a human peronality to the degree where one could actually claim to have "captured the psyche" was not actually developed until the second half of the 29th century. This process was subsequently referred to as decanting since those who went through the process described it as "like being poured into a new vessel". The process was made possible by the twin efforts of The Human Replication Project and the pioneering work of physicist Dr. Fulton Lyos whose temporal matrix field theory finally provided a usable description of the mentalities produced by biological brains.